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This page details all Collections published to date in Radiation Oncology. If you would like to publish a Collection in this journal, please submit an enquiry to the Journal Editor.

2019 Thematic series

Artificial intelligence in Cancer imaging and diagnosis
Cross-journal series

MR guided Radiotherapy
Edited by: Dr Stefanie Corradini & Dr Maximilian Niyazi

2018 Thematic series

Precision Oncology
Cross-journal series

Dose intensified radiation therapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, implementation and prerequisites
Edited by: Dr Pirus Ghadjar

The Monte Carlo radiotherapy system PRIMO: Dosimetry and treatment planning research problems
Edited by: Dr Lorenzo Brualla and Dr Luca Cozzi

2017 Thematic series

Ion beam therapy – Results from a clinical research group at the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center
Edited by: Prof. Oliver Jäkel

PSMA-PET for individualized radiation therapy of prostate cancer
Edited by: Dr Pirus Ghadjar

Radiotherapy in preclinical animal models
Edited by: Prof Kirsten Lauber

Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT)
Edited by: Dr Falk Roeder

2015 Thematic series

Bioinformatics and systems biology in radiation oncology
Edited by: Prof Horst Zitzelsberger

Targeting cell death mechanisms in combination with radiotherapy
Edited by: Dr Kirsten Lauber

Regional hyperthermia as a critical component in the treatment of solid tumors
Edited by: Dr Pirus Ghadjar

2014 Thematic series

Immunological aspects of radiotherapy
Edited by: Dr Kirsten Lauber

Cancer imaging and new preclinical diagnostics in radiation oncology
Edited by: Dr Maximilian Niyazi