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Fig. 2

From: PSMA-PET based radiotherapy: a review of initial experiences, survey on current practice and future perspectives

Fig. 2

Willingness of twelve radiation oncologists to omit radiotherapy to the prostate fossa (prostate fossa RT). Asked if they would consider omission of prostate fossa RT in a high-risk patient after completely resected (R0) prostate cancer with persisting PSA values (> 0.6 ng/ml). Possible disposition had to be scored and ranged from 1 (definitely yes) to 9 (definitely no). Most radiation oncologists were in favour of prostate fossa RT in case of PSMA positive lesions within the pelvis (left), a high disagreement existed in case of extrapelvic PSMA positive lymph node lesions as only finding in PET (right). Boxplot showing 50% quartiles, whiskers showing whole range of given responses

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