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Fig. 6 | Radiation Oncology

Fig. 6

From: Dosimetrical and radiobiological approach to manage the dosimetric shift in the transition of dose calculation algorithm in radiation oncology: how to improve high quality treatment and avoid unexpected outcomes?

Fig. 6

2D-γ maps plotted on the axial views for comparing AAA as D(w,m) to AXB with D(w,m) mode or AAA to AXB with D(m,m) mode. The three fully colored panels are the dose distributions respectively with the three different algorithms. The two grey backgrounded panels with the red and blue coloring in the lower part indicate pixels having γ > 1 and identify respectively overestimating and under estimating dose. In the present case the γ passing rates, 95% of pixels with γ ≤ 1, was satisfied using 2%/ 2 mm and 3%/ 3 mm respectively when moving from AAA to AXB with D(w,m) mode or AAA to AXB with D(m,m) mode. It can be seen also that the dose is more heterogeneous using both AXB modes, which might influence the TCP and NTCP values

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