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Archived Comments for: Hypericum perforatum and neem oil for the management of acute skin toxicity in head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemo-radiation: a single-arm prospective observational study

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  1. Neem

    GreeNeem Agri, GreeNeem Agri Pvt Ltd

    1 May 2015

    • Neem has anti microbial properties too. It can be used effectively in skin ailments like acne, pimple and back acne. Pick up handful of fresh juicy neem leaves. Wash them in clean water. Crush them to extract juice. (This can be done in a mixer also). Apply this juice on acne, pimple and back acne. Wash this off in cold water after 20 minutes.
    • Neem flowers and neem leaves can be collected during blossoming season and dried powder of this mixture can be used when the season ends. Take care to dry this mixture in hot sun and store in cool dry place. 
    • Neem can be used effectively to treat gum diseases. Chewing tender branches of neem helps to prevent bleeding from gum.

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