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Table 1 Patient characteristics and treatment

From: Long-term survival of two patients with inoperable post-irradiation osteosarcoma treated with carbon-ion radiotherapy: a case report

  Case 1 Case 2
Treatment for uterine cervical cancer
Purpose Postoperative RT Postoperative RT
Dose of prior RT EBRT 50 Gy/25 fr.* EBRT 50 Gy/25 fr.*
  ICBT 7 Gy/1 fr ICBT 24 Gy/4 fr
Chemotherapy for uterine cervical cancer None None
C-ion RT for post-irradiation osteosarcoma
Duration from prior RT to diagnosis of post-irradiation osteosarcoma, months 112.8 172.2
Age at registration of C-ion RT years 67 55
Tumor location Left iliac bone Sacral bone
Tumor size, mm 50 × 80 × 95 51 × 52 × 68
Staging cT2bN0M0 cT2bN0M0
Histological analysis Conventional osteosarcoma Conventional osteosarcoma
Chemotherapy before C-ion RT Methotrexate and vincristine Methotrexate
  Doxorubicin and cisplatin Pirarubicin and cisplatin
Dose of C-ion RT 70.4 Gy (RBE)/16 fr 70.4 Gy (RBE)/16 fr
Chemotherapy after C-ion RT Pazopanib Pazopanib
  1. C-ion RT, carbon-ion radiotherapy; EBRT, external-beam radiotherapy; fr, fractions; ICBT, intracavitary brachytherapy; RBE, relative biological effectiveness; RT, radiotherapy
  2. *The last 20 Gy was delivered using a central shielding technique