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Table 2 Radical RT patient group characteristics for whom RT was preplaced by systemic therapy

From: Radiotherapy treatment modification for prostate cancer patients based on PSMA-PET/CT

Characteristics Radical RT group
Patients (n) 7
Gleason score  
6–7 4
8–9 3
TNM stage  
cT3 4
cT4 3
Initial PSA (ng/ml) (median) 106.5 (12.5–530)
Patients who received neo-adjuvant ADT (n) 7
Post-ADT PSA (ng/ml) (median) 3.0 (0.2–7.5)
Pre-PSMA-PET/CT PSA (ng/ml) (median) 8.7 (0.2–30)
PSMA-PET/CT revealed metastases in  
Lymph nodes 1
Bones 2
Lymph nodes and bones 4
  1. Pts, patients; PSA, prostate-specific antigen; PSMA-PET/CT, prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography/computed tomography; ADT, androgen deprivation therapy; LN, lymph nodes; RT, radiation therapy