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Table 4 Detailed COVID-19 positive patients characteristics

From: Two months of radiation oncology in the heart of Italian “red zone” during COVID-19 pandemic: paving a safe path over thin ice

Diagnosis S
PS C-19 diagnosis Rx (date) CT (date) Systemic treatment RT RT site Treatment suspension Treatment completed COVID severity Treatment for COVID-19 oxygen supplement Negativization Death Smoke Comorbidities
cT1c N2 M0 NSCLC treated with radical RT-CHT M 75 1 03/04/20 Pos
No Maintenance durvalumab (VI cicle) No No Definitive No Severe HCQ + L/R + AZT oxygen mask No 03/07/20 yes St I COPD, diverticulosis, chronic gastritis
Multiple myeloma St. III (ECOG PS 3) M 61 3 03/04/20 Pos 03/01 No First line bortezomib Palliative RT 20Gy/5fr C2-C5 + S1-S2 vertebral tract Definitive No Severe No oxygen mask No 03/06/20 yes None
pT2 pN2a M0 breast cancer F 59 0 03/05/20 Pos.
No Adjuvant weekly paclitaxel Adjuvant RT 50Gy/25 fr on residual left breast parenchima + SIC LN Temporary at 16 Gy.a. Yes Mild HCQ + L/R + AZT oxygen mask 04/02/20 No no Brugada syndrome
cT4 N1 M0 NSCLC M 79 1 06/03/20 08/03/20 + No No Radical RT 60 Gy/30 fr R para-hilar lesion + mediastinal 7,10R,5,4R Definitive (16 Gy) No Severe HCQ + L/R + AZT oxygen mask No 03/16/20 yes Arterial hypertension, peripheral obliterant arteriopathy
cT2aN3M1c (bone, adrenal gland) NSCLC (ECOG PS 3) M 59 3 03/08/20 Neg
No Atezolizumab (last 31/01) Palliative RT 20Gy/4fr T6–8 vertebral tract +8Gy/1fr L1 vertebra + sacrum Definitive No Severe HCQ + L/R + AZT oxygen mask No 03/14/20 yes Myocardial fibrosis, HBV induced hepatitis
cT1N3M0 oropharyngeal SCC, p16- M 72 1 03/14/20 Pos
Weekly concomitant cisplatin (4 cycles) Radical RT-CHT L palatine tonsil + L cervical LN levels Ib, II e III 69,3Gy/33 fr + bilateral neck 56.1Gy/33fr Definitive (52.5Gy/25fr) No Severe HCQ + L/R + AZT + tocilizumab NIV (CPAP) No 03/30/20 yes Type 2 diabetes
rcT3 N2 M0 NSCLC M 75 1 03/16/20 Pos
No Radical RT 52 Gy/26fr + 5Gy/2fr middle lobe lesion+4R lev No Yes Mild HCQ + L/R + AZT + tocilizumab oxygen mask 03/30/20 No ex smoker Arterial hypertension, carotid stenosis, deep venous thrombosis
cT4 N1 M0 rectal cancer M 83 1 03/16/20 Pos 03/15 Pos 03/18 No Neoadjuvant RT 50,4 Gy/28 fr rectum + pelvic lymph nodes Definitive No Mild HCQ + L/R + AZT oxygen mask 03/30/20 No no benign prostatic hyperplasia
cT4aN3bM0 oropharyngeal SCC, concomitant cT4aN0M0 hypopharyngeal SCC M 85 1 03/23/20 Pos
No Radical RT 70 Gy/35 fr oro-hypopharynx, cervical esophagus and L cervical LN levels IIa-IV No Yes Severe HCQ + L/R + AZT oxygen mask No No ex smoker chronic ischemic heart disease, aortic aneurysm, MRGE, supraventricular arrhythmia
cT3 N2 M0 NSCLC F 60 0 03/23/20 Pos 03/25 Pos 03/25 No High dose palliative RT 60 Gy/30 fr R superior lobe and lesion + mediastinal levels 4R, 7, 10R,13R,11R,14R No Yes Mild HCQ + Symtuza oxygen mask 04/14/20 No yes HIV+, HCV +, quantiferon +
cT3 N3 M0 NSCLC M 61 1 03/24/20 Pos 03/26 Pos 03/24 No Radical RT 60 Gy/30 fr R superior lobe lesion + mediastinal levels 10R, 7, 4R, 2R, No Yes Mild HCQ + D/R + tocilizumab oxygen mask 04/12/20 No yes dyslipidemia, previous prostate cancer
cT3 N0 M0 NSCLC M 63 0 03/24/20 Pos 03/30 No Concomitant carboplatin + paclitaxel Radical RT 60 Gy/30 fr L pulmonary apex No Yes Mild HCQ + D/R + AZT no 04/06/20 No yes Arterial hypertension, Mitral insufficiency, thyroid goiter, Type 2 diabetes
cT1bN0M0 NSCLC (single brain lesion) M 69 1 04/10/20 Neg
No No Radical dose RT + SRS on M1 24 Gy/3 fr single brain lesion and 60 Gy/8 fr L lung superior lobe No Yes Mild No no No No yes Arterial hypertension, previous ictus cerebri, carotid stenosis
  1. PS Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Performance Status, C-10 COVID-19, Rx chest radiograph, CT chest CT scan, RT radiation therapy, M male, F female, L left, R right, fr fractions, LN lymph nodes, SIC supra and infraclavicular, HCQ hydroxychloroquine, L/R lopinavir/ritonavir, AZT azithromycin, N norvir, D/R darunavir/ritonavir, COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  2. aRestarted after 45 days after replanning