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Table 4 Frequency of ocular complications after radiotherapy reported in the current study and the corresponding radiotherapy dose

From: Outcomes in patients with lacrimal gland carcinoma treated with definitive radiotherapy or eye-sparing surgery followed by adjuvant radiotherapy

ComplicationsPatient numberPercentage (%)Time of occurrence (m)RT total dose (cGy)RT fraction dose (cGy)
Punctate keratitis527.781.14–7.95000–7000200
Dry eye211.116.49–11.056600200
Acute conjunctivitis15.560.685000250
Corneal epithelial defect15.5623.387200200
Filamentary keratitis15.566.657000200
Radiation retinopathy15.5674.396600200
Vitreous hemorrhage15.5610.926840180
  1. RT radiotherapy, cGy centigray