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Table 3 Chi-Square test for parameters which were significant after UVA

From: A balanced score to predict survival of elderly patients newly diagnosed with glioblastoma

 AgeKPSMGMTEORMotor DeficitAphasia
Age 0.0020.1190.0090.1760.73
KPS0.002 0.4980.236< 0.0010.619
MGMT0.1190.498 0.7910.4270.337
EOR0.0090.2360.791 0.2650.337
Motor Deficit0.176< 0.0010.4270.265 0.412
  1. Abbreviations: KPS Karnofsky Performance Scale, MGMT O6-Methylguanine DNA-methyl transferase, EOR Extent of resection