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Table 8 Patients and tumor caracteristics of the selected studies Kidney and target therapy

From: Oligometastasis and local ablation in the era of systemic targeted and immunotherapy

(year of publication)
Number of patients underwent SBRTType of StudyPrimary Tumor siteNumber of metastases underwent to SBRTType of oligometastases and organ involved (liver, lung, bone, nodes, brain…)Metastases size
Median total dose/fractionBED (Median value)Systemic Therapy
Staehler 2011 [57]106RetrospectiveKidneyN.S.Spinal (55 pts) Brain (51 pts)in cm3 spinal: 30.1 brain:
20 Gy in single fractionN.S.Sunitinib (45 pts)
Sorafenib (61 pts)
Staehler 2012 [58]22ProspectiveKidneyN.S.Progressive RCC in
brain, retroperitoneal mediastinal lymph nodes, spinal cord, bones, liver, and kidney
N.S.40 Gy in 8 fr (5Gy/fraction)aN.S.Sunitinib
Cochran 2012 [50]61 (24 pts. received target therapy)RetrospectiveKidneyN.S.BrainN.S.20 Gy in single fractionN.S.TKIs, mTORIs, or bevacizumab (24 pts)
Verma 2013 [51]81 (40 pts. received target therapy)RetrospectiveKidney216Brain (at diagnosis and at relapse)N.S.SRS in 89 lesionscN.S.TKIs (40 pts)
Bastos 2015 [59]65RetrospectiveKidneySRTb (41 pts)Brain (54% of pts. more than 1 met)N.S.N.S.N.S.antiangiogenetic (anti-VEGF, temsirolimus, sorafenib, bevacizumab, everolimus, pazopanib, axitinib) (53 pts)
mTORIs (12 pts)
Miller 2016 [54]100 (46 pts. received target therapy)RetrospectiveKidneyN.S.SpineN.S.16 Gy in 1 fractionN.S.TKI
Franzese 2019 [55]58 (38 pts. received target therapy)RetrospectiveKidney73Extracranial oligometastases2.6 cm (diameter)45 Gy in 5 fractions (9Gy/fraction)N.S.TKI or “other target therapies” (28 pts. received therapy before and 17 pts. – during SRT)
  1. Legend:
  2. Met Metastasis
  3. mTORIs Mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors
  4. NS. Not specified
  5. Pts Patients
  6. RCC Renal cell carcinoma
  7. SRS Stereotactic radiosurgery
  8. TKIs Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  9. VEGF Vascular endothelial growth factor
  10. Notes:
  11. asome received moderately hypofractionated RT schedules
  12. bRT was administered before systemic therapy (time interval is unknown)
  13. cother patients received surgery, whole brain radiotherapy o no local brain treatment
  14. Type of Study: Prospective, retrospective, Randomized…
  15. Type of oligometastases: oligorecurrent, oligoprogressive, oligopersistent…
  16. Systemic Therapy: which drug?