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Table 1 Patients and tumor characteristic of the selected studies

From: Oligometastasis and local ablation in the era of systemic targeted and immunotherapy

(year of publication)
Number of patients underwent SBRTType of StudyPrimary Tumor siteNumber of metastases underwent to SBRT (upper limit)Type of oligometastases and organ involved (liver, lung, bone, nodes, brain…)Metastases size
Median total dose/fractionBiologically equivalent dose (Median value)aSystemic Therapy
Theelen et al. (2019) [17]35Phase IINSCLC1Immunostimulation (Lung, Nodes, Adrenal, Bone, Skin, Liver, Pleura)N.S.24/343.2Pembrolizumab
Lesueur et al. (2018) [20]28RetrospectiveNSCLC1Oligorecurrent (Bone, Brain, Lung)N.S.25–30/1–381.6/60Nivolumab
Chen et al. (2018) [15]37RetrospectiveNSCLC2Olicorecurrent (Brain)N.S.24–24-25/1–3-581.6/38.4/37.5Ipilimumab/Nivolumab/Pembrolizumab
Schapira et al. (2017) [21]37RetrospectiveNSCLC7Oligorecurrent (Brain)0.618–17-21/1–1-350.4/45.9/35.7Nivolumab/Atezolizumab/Pembrolizumab
Bauml et al. (2019) [19]45Phase IINSCLC4Oligoprogressive (N.S.)N.S.N.S.N.S.Pembrolizumab
Hubbeling et al. (2018) [22]35RetrospectiveNSCLC10Oligoprogressive (Brain)N.S.N.S.N.S.Nivolumab, Atezolizumab, Pembrolizumab
Verma et al. (2018) [16]41RetrospectiveNSCLCN.S.Oligoprogressive (Extracranial)N.S.50/4112,5Pembrolizumab
  1. aAlpha/Beta 10; N.S. Not specified