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Table 1 Image parameters of the sequences used for the OARs contouring. The term FOV refers to the field-of-view, while AP to anterior-posterior and LR to right-left

From: Clinical implementation of MRI-based organs-at-risk auto-segmentation with convolutional networks for prostate radiotherapy

Imaging parametersValue
TE1/TE2/TR [ms]1.2/2.5/3.9
Flip Angle [ ]10
FOV [cm3]55.2x55.2x30
Acquisition Matrix324x324x120
Reconstruction Matrix528x528x120
Reconstructed Voxel [mm3]1x1x2.5
Bandwidth [Hz/px]1072
Readout directionAP
Phase directionRL
Geometry correction3D
Acquisition time2 min 17 s
  1. expressed in terms of anterior-posterior (AP), right-left (RL) and superior-inferior directions