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Table 1 Patients’ clinical characteristics

From: Anatomic change over the course of treatment for non–small cell lung cancer patients and its impact on intensity-modulated radiation therapy and passive-scattering proton therapy deliveries

CharacteristicAll (n = 32)PSPT (n = 16)IMRT (n = 16)
ART status, no.
 With ART1688
 No ART1688
4DCT sets per patient, median (range)7 (2–7)7 (7–7)6.5 (2–7)
Sex, no.
Age, median (range), years64 (43–78)64 (43–76)62 (47–78)
Disease stage, no.
Target volume, median (range), cm3
 GTV221.9 (12.2–686.6)127.1 (22.7–673.7)280.9 (12.2–686.6)
 CTV446.3 (120.9–1329.3)398.7 (131.7–1329.3)558.2 (120.9–1245.7)
  1. IMRT intensity-modulated (photon) radiation therapy, PSPT passive-scattering proton therapy, GTV gross tumor volume, CTV clinical target volume, ART adaptive radiotherapy