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Table 5 Outcomes after surgery

From: MRI response rate after short-course radiotherapy on rectal cancer in the elderly comorbid patient: results from a retrospective cohort study

(n = 39)
ypT stage
 Complete response2 (5.1)
  T14 (10.3)
  T29 (23.1)
  T321 (53.8)
  T43 (7.7)
 ypN stageb
  N022 (56.4)
  N18 (20.5)
  N25 (12.8)
Harvested lymph nodes (median (range))b15 (8–31)
Tumor positive lymph nodes (median (range))0 (0–12)
Complete resection (CRM-)b32 (91.4)
Local recurrence3 (7.9%)
30-day mortality7.7%
Stage 4 disease at time of surgery5 (12.8)
1 year overall survival32 (82.1)
  1. Data are n (%) if not otherwise specified
  2. a 4 patients underwent local excision though TAMIS procedure
  3. ypT Pathological tumor stage, ypN Pathological nodal stage, CRM Circumferential resection margin
  4. bonly patients who underwent Total Mesorectal Excision (TME)