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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Dosimetric consequences of image guidance techniques on robust optimized intensity-modulated proton therapy for treatment of breast Cancer

Patient #Breast tissue volume on the planning CT cm3Breast tissue volume variation on the verification CT (%)Treatment site
1958.14.8Lt Breast only
2372.3−1.1Lt Breast+LNs
3742.2−4.5Lt Breast+LNs
4858.41.8Lt Breast only
51537.7−4.2Rt Breast+LNs
61505.1−0.5Lt Breast+LNs
7991.47.9Rt Breast+LNs
81067.0−4.1Rt Breast+LNs
9949.2−6.1Lt Breast+LNs
101780.41.8Lt Breast+LNs
111361.7−1.7Lt Breast+LNs
  1. Abbreviations: Lt left; Rt Right; LNs lymph nodes