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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate cox regression analysis on local, locoregional, distant and overall failure rates and overall (OS), disease-specific (DSS) and disease-free (DFS) survival rates; HPV positive oropharyngeal carcinoma (HPVOPC) and lymph node status (> = N2c) were tested as categorial variables. Gross tumor volume (GTV in cubic centimetres) and Hemoglobine (in g/dl) were tested as continuous variables

From: Definitive chemoradiotherapy in patients with squamous cell cancers of the head and neck - results from an unselected cohort of the clinical cooperation group “Personalized Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer”

HR95% CIp-valueHR95% CIp-value
Local failure (LF)
 GTV (continuous per 10 cc)1.041.02–1.070.0004*1.041.02–1.070.0004*
 > =N2c1.360.72–2.550.342
 Hemoglobine (continuous per g/dl)0.870.74–1.020.082
Locoregional failure (LRF)
 GTVp (continuous per 10 cc)1.041.02–1.070.001*1.041.02–1.070.001*
 > =N2c1.520.86–2.170.150
 Hemoglobine (continuous per g/dl)0.860.74–1.0010.052
Distant failure (DF)
 GTV (continuous per 10 cc)1.010.97–1.050.590
 > =N2c2.851.42–5.740.003*
 Hemoglobine (continuous per g/dl)0.950.79–1.140.549
Any failure (AF)
 GTV (continuous per 10 cc)1.041.01–1.060.001*1.031.01–1.050.018*
 > =N2c1.951.20–3.180.007*1.901.07–3.370.029*
 Hemoglobine (continuous per g/dl)0.890.77–1.020.090
Overall survival (OAS)
 GTV (continuous per 10 cc)1.031.02–1.050.0001*1.031.01–1.040.010*
 > =N2c1.821.25–2.650.002*1.480.96–2.270.073
 Hemoglobine (continuous per g/dl)0.880.80–0.970.009*0.950.85–1.060.335
Disease specific survival (DSS)
 GTV (continuous per 10 cc)1.041.02–1.070.0003*1.031.004–1.060.027*
 > =N2c2.571.47–4.490.001*2.231.15–4.340.018*
 Hemoglobine (continuous per g/dl)0.840.73–0.980.023*0.910.76–1.080.268
Disease free survival (DFS)
 GTV (continuous per 10 cc)1.031.02–1.050.00006*1.031.01–1.050.004*
 > =N2c1.651.16–2.340.006*1.490.99–2.240.056
 Hemoglobine (continuous per g/dl)0.900.82–0.970.024*0.960.87–1.070.438
  1. *P-values < 0.05 were marked with asterisk