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Table 3 Results of the univariate analysis

From: Tumor burden and location as prognostic factors in patients treated by iodine seed implant brachytherapy for localized prostate cancers

Pre-treatment PSA1.090.92–1.290.341
Clinical tumor stage1.140.48–2.710.765
Radiological tumor stage1.120.71–1.750.627
Gleason score1.710.87–3.340.115
Gleason score (< or ≥ 7)2.420.98–5.930.053
Clinical risk group1.730.98–3.030.055
Radiological risk group1.170.78–1.750.441
Percentage of positive biopsies1.020.99–1.050.191
Percentage of positive biopsies (≤ or > 50%)2.340.53–10.150.257
Neo-adjuvant hormone therapy1.570.64–3.870.323
Duration of hormone therapy1.010.84–1.220.887
Apex involvement1.160.44–3.060.758
Midgland involvement0.830.31–2.190.716
Base involvement1.260.47–3.410.6491