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Table 3 Top 5 failure mode, occurrence (O), detectability (D) and risk priority number (RPN), subscripts 1 and 2 indicate the first time and second time scores respectively

From: Evaluation and improvement the safety of total marrow irradiation with helical tomotherapy using repeat failure mode and effects analysis

1Treatment deliveryTreatment couch movement failure5.2/4.86.5/3.28/8264.3/102.8
2Treatment deliverySection plan dose junction error in delivery4.8/4.55.6/3.19/9236.7/110.4
3Treatment deliverySetup check by MVCT failure6.5/3.34.5/3.57/7216.8/94.6
4ImmobilizationPatient immobilization error7.5/3.23.6/3.68/8212.5/90.2
5Treatment deliveryTreatment interruption8.5/5.53.2/3.27/7204.8/134.2