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Table 1 Disease extent treated among 8 patients with mediastinal lymphoma

From: Comparative photon and proton dosimetry for patients with mediastinal lymphoma in the era of Monte Carlo treatment planning and variable relative biological effectiveness

Patient 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
 RT treatment plan delivered Proton FB Proton FB Proton FB Proton FB Patient declined RT 3D conformal DIBH Proton FB Proton FB
 Treatment fields for proton therapy planning AP RAO, LAO RAO, LAO RAO, LAO AP AP, RAO AP AP, RAO
Extent of disease involvement
 Neck B    B B R L R
 Axilla     L    L  
 Upper mediastinum* X X X X X X X X
 Mid-mediastinum**   X X X X   X X
 Lower mediastinum***   X X   X    
 Posterior mediastinum (behind heart) X        
 Hilum L        
 IMN R        
  1. Abbreviations: AP, anterior-posterior; B, both left and right; DIBH, deep inspiration breath hold; FB, free breathing; L, left; LAO, left anterior oblique; R, right; RAO, right anterior oblique
  2. *Disease goes down to left pulmonary artery
  3. **Disease extends below left pulmonary artery and to inferior aspect of aortic valve
  4. ***Disease extends below level of aortic valve