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Table 3 Results of the multivariable Cox regression analysis. The HRs, 95% CIs and p-values for the imputed datasets are pooled from 100 Cox models, each one fitted to a particular imputed dataset

From: Accelerated hyperfractionated radiochemotherapy with temozolomide is equivalent to normofractionated radiochemotherapy in a retrospective analysis of patients with glioblastoma

VariableImputed datasets
(N = 152, 121 deaths)
Complete dataset
(N = 57, 50 deaths)
HR95% CIpHR95% CIp
RT-protocol NFRT vs HFRT0.8420.5101.3930.5040.8460.3951.8130.668
Salvage: Yes0.2430.1400.4214.958 × 10−70.2310.1150.4654.08 × 10−5
MGMT methylation: Yes vs. No0.2860.1600.5132.750 × 10−50.2650.1320.5290.000169
Secondary GBM: Yes vs. No0.2560.1040.6270.002920.9590.2104.3850.957
Steroids: Yes1.9471.2113.1290.005971.9300.9943.7440.0520
  1. 0.005 P value entries are in bold