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Fig. 5

From: Benchmarking techniques for stereotactic body radiotherapy for early-stage glottic laryngeal cancer: LINAC-based non-coplanar VMAT vs. Cyberknife planning

Fig. 5

Distribution boxplots of all metrics evaluated in the plan comparison study for the Cyberknife, VMAT-AXB, and VMAT-AAA plans. Each boxplot contains 10 data points. In each boxplot, the upper edge, central line, and lower edge of the box represent the 75th percentile (Q3), median, and 25th percentile (Q1) of the data, respectively. The lower whisker extends to the datum no smaller than Q1 − 1.5 × (Q3 − Q1), and the upper whisker extends to the datum no larger than Q3 + 1.5 × (Q3 − Q1). The “+” in the plots are outliers outside the whiskers

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