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Table 3 Quality assessment of included studies

From: The prognosis benefits of adjuvant versus salvage radiotherapy for patients after radical prostatectomy with adverse pathological features: a systematic review and meta-analysis

StudySelectionComparabilityOutcomeTotalQuality level
Briganti 20123238High
Buscariollo 20173238High
Fossati 20163137Moderate
Hwang 20183227Moderate
Borghetti 20173126Moderate
Hervas 20173036Moderate
Mishra 20153227Moderate
Hsu 20153238High
Tilki 20163238High
Detti 20123137Moderate
Ost 20113227Moderate
Trabulsi 20083227Moderate
Tsien 20033126Moderate
Taylor 20033126Moderate
Kalapurakal 20023115Moderate