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Table 1 Lasertherapy/photobiomodulation therapy parameters

From: Low-level laser therapy in treatment of chemoradiotherapy-induced mucositis in head and neck cancer: results of a randomised, triple blind, multicentre phase III trial

  Arm A
Active Laser group
Arm B
Placebo Laser group
Device He-Ne laser HETSCHL®
Wavelength Lambda = 658 nm
Power 100 mW
Device condition ON OFF
Irradiation time 40 s/cm2 10 s/cm2
Energy density 4 J/cm2 0 J/cm2
Dose administrated 4 J 0 J
Beam area Intraorally: 1 cm2 per application
Pulse parameter Pulsed < 50 Hz
Anatomical Location Oral mucositis (Lips - Mouth – Oropharynx)
Tumour location was excluded from treated area
Maximum area: 10 cm2
Number of treatments 1 session / day, 5 times / week
From day of grade II OM occurrence
to day of grade II OM resolution
Interval between treatments 1 or 2 days (treatments on radiotherapy days).