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Table 1 Patients’ characteristics

From: Development of a semi-customized tongue displacement device using a 3D printer for head and neck IMRT

Case Gender Age Primary Site Clinical Stage Histology Aim of RT
1 Male 40 Tonsil cT2N2bM0 Squamous Definitive
2 Female 46 Oral cavity pT4aN0M0 Squamous Adjuvant
3 Male 56 Tonsil cT1N2aM0 Squamous Definitive
4 Male 64 Tonsil cT2N1M0 Squamous Definitive
5 Male 54 Oral cavity pT4aN2bM0 Squamous Adjuvant
6 Female 60 Oral cavity pT2N1M0 Squamous Adjuvant
7 Male 72 Oral cavity pT2N1M0 Squamous Adjuvant
  1. Abbreviation: RT radiation therapy