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Table 1 Primary antibodies used for western blotting (WB), immunocytochemistry (ICC) and immunohistochemistry (IHC)

From: Development and characterisation of acquired radioresistant breast cancer cell lines

Primary antibody target antigen Antibody Details Dilutions and applications Antigen retrieval
Anti-α tubulin Mouse MAb; Abcam; ab7291 1:10,000 (WB) N/A
Anti-ERα Mouse MAb; Dako; M7047 1:50 (WB, ICC, IHC) Sodium citrate
Anti-EGFR Rabbit MAb; Cell Signalling Technology; 4267 1:1000 (WB); 1:50 (ICC, IHC) EDTA
Anti-HER2 Rabbit MAb; Cell signalling Technology; 2242 1:1000 (WB); 1:50 (ICC, IHC) Sodium citrate
Anti-PgR (A/B) Rabbit MAb; Cell Signalling Technology; 8757 1:1000 (WB) N/A
Anti-PgR Mouse Mab; DAKO; M3569 1:150 (ICC, IHC) EDTA
Anti-AKT Mouse MAb; Cell Signalling technology; 2920 1:1000 (WB) N/A
Anti-Phospho AKT Rabbit PAb; Cell Signalling technology; 9271 1:1000 (WB) N/A
Anti-ERK Rabbit PAb; Cell Signalling Technology; 9102 1:1000 (WB) N/A
Anti-Phospho ERK Mouse MAb; Cell Signalling Technology; 9106 1:1000 (WB) N/A
Anti-ki67 Mouse MAb; DAKO; M7240 1:150 (ICC, IHC) Sodium citrate
Anti-E-cadherin Mouse MAb; BD Transduction; 610,182 1:50 (ICC, IHC) Sodium citrate
Anti-N-cadherin Mouse MAb; BD Transduction; 610,921 1:150 (ICC, IHC) Sodium citrate
Anti-vimentin Mouse Mab; Abcam; 8069 1:50 (ICC, IHC) Sodium citrate
Anti-SNAIL Rabbit PAb; Abcam; 128,530 1:250 (ICC, IHC) Sodium citrate