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Fig. 7

From: Development and characterisation of acquired radioresistant breast cancer cell lines

Fig. 7

ER+ derived radioresistant cell lines exhibited a change in oestrogen signalling associated genes and a change in intrinsic breast cancer subtyping. a Heatmap showing log2 mean-centered expression profile of a published oestrogen-signalling gene signature [26]; red = higher expression, green = lower expression. Heatmap clustering was carried out using Pearson correlation with average linkage. b Study data was integrated with a public gene expression dataset (GSE50811) of 67 breast cancer cell lines. Hierarchical clustering of parental and RR cell lines based on Pearson correlation to centroids of Sørlie 2003 intrinsic genes [16]; Red = Basal, Dark blue = Luminal A, Light blue = Luminal B, Purple = HER2-overexpressing, Green = Normal-like

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