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Fig. 5

From: Novel stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)-based partial tumor irradiation targeting hypoxic segment of bulky tumors (SBRT-PATHY): improvement of the radiotherapy outcome by exploiting the bystander and abscopal effects

Fig. 5

NEOADJUVANT SBRT-PATHY: a-c) diagnostic CT of the patient with unresectable squamous-cell lung cancer (yellow arrows), separate lung lesion (blue arrow), and an atelectasis (red arrow). 3 weeks after SBRT-PATHY, preoperative restaging CT (d-f) showed a 60% reduction of partially treated tumor (bystander effect: yellow arrows), a 50% reduction of unirradiated lung lesion (abscopal effect: blue arrows), and complete regression of atelectasis (red arrows)

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