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Table 1 Outline of the survey

From: A step towards international prospective trials in carbon ion radiotherapy: investigation of factors influencing dose distribution in the facilities in operation based on a case of skull base chordoma

∙ Institution/name
∙ Equipment
 o type of accelerator,
 o energy,
 o beam delivery system,
∙ Treatment setup
 o patient position: lying, sitting,
 o immobilization, fixation device(s) used
 o methods used to ensure positioning reproducibility
 o methods used for recording patient positioning: XR, scan
 o image fusion (if used): technique, recording
∙ Delineation procedure
 o procedure for CTV(s) delineation
 o safety margins added around the CTV to define the PTV and to ensure its proper coverage
 o do you proceed separately for each beam to add the above-mentioned margins?
 o procedure for dose prescription/specification to the CTV-PTV
 o procedure for dose limitation/specification to OARs
∙ Beam delivery
 o one single fixed beam
 o several fixed beams
 o scanning beam
∙ Dosimetry
 o biological plan optimization
 o beam dosimetry: calibration, homogeneity
∙ Procedure for control and validation of the treatment plan before application to the first session
∙ What kind of record are stored at the end of the treatment?