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Table 1 Technique comparison of helical irradiation of total skin (HITS) and helical arc radiotherapy of total skin (HEARTS)

From: Simultaneous integrated boost with helical arc radiotherapy of total skin (HEARTS) to treat cutaneous manifestations of advanced, therapy-refractory cutaneous lymphoma and leukemia - dosimetry comparison of different regimens and clinical application

Target delineation Face sparing Total skin without sparing
Location of CCCB Head& chest& abdomen Head& chest& abdomen & pelvis & bilateral upper one-third of femur
Distance between CCCB and PTV 2.5 cm 2.2 cm
Inner margin of PTV 0.5 cm 0.3 cm
Bone marrow targeting Bony structures included in PC space Independent bony structures adjacent with PC space
Priority of RARs PC space Independent bony structure > PC space
  1. Abbreviation: CCCB Central core complete block, PC space Space between PTV and CCCB, PTV Planning target volume, RARs Regions at risk