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Fig. 5

From: Simultaneous integrated boost with helical arc radiotherapy of total skin (HEARTS) to treat cutaneous manifestations of advanced, therapy-refractory cutaneous lymphoma and leukemia - dosimetry comparison of different regimens and clinical application

Fig. 5

Revised helical irradiation of the total skin (HITS-30 Gy) to helical arc radiotherapy of total skin (HEARTS-30 Gy) and low-dose HEARTS (12 Gy) with or without the simultaneous integrated boost (SIB-25/12 Gy) technique according to the failure patterns and adverse effects from a previous case treated by HITS. a Isodose distribution in different regimens of total skin irradiation, (I) HITS; (II) HEARTS; (III) SIB-HEARTS (25/12 Gy); (IV) clinical application for SIB-HEARTS (21/15 Gy). The yellow arrows indicate lesions treated with SIB technique. b Dose-volume histogram (DVH) in clinical SIB-HEARTS. (PTV: Planning target volume; LC: Leukemia cutis; TS: Total skin; H&N: Head and neck)

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