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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Dosimetric analysis and comparison of reduced longitudinal cranial margins of VMAT-IMRT of rectal cancer

Patient Gender TNM Primarius: Localisation from anal verge Lymph node localisation Cranial PTV margin
1 f uT3 cN1b 4–9 cm fossa obturatoria r. L5/S1
2 m uT3 uN1a 5–10 cm perirectal L5 sup./post.
3 f uT3 cN1b 5–10 cm fasica L5 sup./post.
4 m uT3 uN1a 4–7 cm perirectal L5 sup./ventral
5 m uT3 uN2a 5–11 cm fasica L5/S1
6 m uT3 uN1b 6–10 cm perirectal L5/S1
7 m uT2 uN2b 9–12 cm presacral, perirectal L4
8 m cT3 cN2a 6–10 cm fasica L4 sup./ventral
9 m uT3 uN2a 4–9 cm perirectal L5 sup./post.
10 f uT3 cN1a 5–9 cm perirectal L5 sup./ventral
  1. r right, sup superior, post posterior, m male, f female