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Table 2 Patient characteristics of validation cohort

From: Circulating miR-29a and miR-150 correlate with delivered dose during thoracic radiation therapy for non-small cell lung cancer

Patient Age/Gender Diagnosis Indication/Type of treatment Chemotherapy RT dose
AE1 58/F IIA SCC recurrence/adjuvant PN 70.0 Gy
BE1 68/M IIIA SCC definitive KG 66.0 Gy
CG1 55/M IIA SCC R2/adjuvant PN 68.0 Gy
DW1 59/F IIB SCC R1/adjuvant PN 68.0 Gy
FL1 76/M IIIA SCC definitive PG 66.0 Gy
GH1 62/F IIIB SCC definitive PN 66.0 Gy
GK1 67/M IIIB SCC definitive KN 66.0 Gy
GW1 61/M IIIA SCC definitive PG 66.0 Gy
KA1 64/F IIIB ADENO definitive PN 58.0 Gy
KA2 64/M IIB SCC R1/adjuvant PN 60.0 Gy
KI1 68/F IIIA SCC R1/adjuvant KN 60.0 Gy
KM1 67/M IIIA SCC R1/adjuvant PN 60.0 Gy
LJ1 77 M IIIA SCC R1/adjuvant No chemo 56.0 Gy
MS1 70/M IIIA SCC R1/adjuvant KN 66.0 Gy
PB1 60/M IIIA NOS definitive PG 64.0 Gy
PI1 56/F IIIB ADENO definitive PN 66.0 Gy
SB1 55/M IIIA SCC R1/adjuvant PN 69.3 Gy
SJ1 55/M IIB NOS R1/adjuvant PN 66.0 Gy
SW1 62/M IIIB ADENO definitive PN 66.0 Gy
WJ1 73/M IIIA ADENO definitive PG 60.0 Gy
ZA1 78/M IIIA ADENO definitive KG 66.0 Gy
  1. Abbreviations: SCC squamous cell carcinoma, ADENO adenocarcinoma, NOS not otherwise specified, R1 positive microscopic margins, R2 positive gross margins, PN cisplatin/vinorelbine, KG carboplatin/gemcitabine, PG cisplatin/gemcitabine, KN carboplatin/vinorelbine