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Table 4 PET stored parameters

From: Lungtech, a phase II EORTC trial of SBRT for centrally located lung tumours – a clinical physics perspective

PET Static 15 mm/3 s 15 mm/6 s 25 mm/4 s
Type 3D 4D:10.phases 4D:10 phases 4D:10 phases
Acquisition time 12:30 12:48 13:04 13:20
Binning type X Phase binning
Number of bed position 2 1
Overlap bed 90 mm  
Time per bed position 2 min 10 min
Data corrected for: decay corrected : aquisition start time
attenuation corrected
scatter corrected
dead time corrected
randoms corrected
non-uniform radial sampling corrected
detector normalizationu
Type of reconstruction algorithm BLOB-OS-TF
Energy window 440–665 KeV
Slice thickness 4 mm
Image matrix 144 × 144
FOV 903 mm