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Table 1 Registration comparisons via pairwise differences in the proportions of slices with the rectum alignment approved. See the abbreviations list or the non-rigid registration section of the methods section for information about D, HS, V1 and V2

From: Registering prostate external beam radiotherapy with a boost from high-dose-rate brachytherapy: a comparative evaluation of deformable registration algorithms

   Rectum approval-proportion   
Registration comparison N median difference Z-value P-value
V2 versus V1 21 –0.032 –3.44 0.0002
HS versus V1 21 –0.169 –3.84 <0.0001
HS versus V2 21 –0.124 –3.22 0.0006
D versus V1 21 –0.241 –4.02 <0.0001
D versus V2 21 –0.189 –4.00 <0.0001
D versus HS 21 0
  1. N is the number of patients to whom the registrations were applied. The pairwise difference is calculated as the first mentioned registration subtract the second mentioned registration. The Z-value and p-value are from the Wilcoxon signed-rank test of the pairwise differences against a median of zero (this test is not appropriate when the median difference is zero). A significant negative difference indicates the second mentioned registration is superior