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Figure 2

From: Reduced contribution of thermally labile sugar lesions to DNA double strand break formation after exposure to heavy ions

Figure 2

Induction of DSBs and TLSL evolution in cells exposed to58Fe ions. (A) Exponentiallygrowing Lig4-/- MEFs were irradiated andanalyzed as described in Figure 1. Datarepresent the calculated average and standard deviation from 4determinations (agarose blocks) in one experiment. (B)Exponentially growing M059K cells were embedded in agarose blocks andexposed to 20 Gy of 1 GeV accelerated 58Fe ions.Irradiated blocks were lysed by LTL and incubated in TEN buffer at 4, 37and 50°C for the indicated periods of time. Cells were analyzed byPFGE. Data represent the calculated average and standard deviation from4 determinations in one experiment.

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