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Table 1 Summary of patients’ data with special respect to Spetzler-Martin grade (SM), AVM size (maximal diameter in cm), Localization, Eloquence (+/−), Presentation prior to radiosurgery, Venous drainage (D= deep, S= superficial), Rupture before treatment (+/−) and additional treatment modality (E=Embolization)

From: Magnetic resonance spectroscopic study of radiogenic changes after radiosurgery of cerebral arteriovenous malformations with implications for the differential diagnosis of radionecrosis

No Age Sex Presentation Rupture SM AVM size (cm) Localization Eloquence Venous drainage Pre-SRS treatment
1 64 F None - 3 2.4 Left frontal operculum + S + D 3 x E
2 39 M Headache - 2 2.7 F2 and Left frontal white matter + S 2 x E
3 38 F None - 3 3.0 Fronto-lateral left - S+D 3 x E
  1. M=male, F=female.