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Table 1 Dose constraints for the critical structures

From: Single arc volumetric-modulated arc therapy is sufficient for nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a dosimetric comparison with dual arc VMAT and dynamic MLC and step-and-shoot intensity-modulated radiotherapy

OARs Dose constraints
Brain stem Max dose <54 Gy
Spinal cord Max dose <45 Gy
Parotid glands Mean dose < 26 Gy or V30 < 50% in one gland at least
Chiasm Max dose <50 Gy or V54 < 1%
Optic nerves Max dose <50 Gy or V54 < 1%
Lens Max dose <10 Gy
Larynx Mean dose < 45 Gy
Oral cavity Mean dose <45 Gy
  1. Abbreviations: OARs; Organs at risk, Max dose; Maximum dose, Vx; % volume receiving x Gy.