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Table 1 Brachial plexus constraints on recent Radiation Therapy Oncology Group intensity-modulated radiotherapy head and neck cancer protocols

From: Constraining the brachial plexus does not compromise regional control in oropharyngeal carcinoma

Protocol Brachial plexus constraint
RTOG 0022 None specified
RTOG 0025 None specified
RTOG 0522 Dmax ≤60 Gy
RTOG 0615 Dmax ≤66 Gy*
RTOG 0619 Dmax ≤66 Gy, D05 ≤60 Gy
RTOG 0912 Dmax ≤66 Gy to point source at least 0.03 cm3**
RTOG 1008 Dmax <60 Gy if no involved low neck nodes; <66 Gy if low neck involved
  1. RTOG 1016 None specified.
  2. *The treating radiation oncologist has the option of prescribing an intermediate dose of 63 Gy, PTV63 in the lower neck close to the brachial plexus.
  3. **Suggested dose limit that should not compromise tumor coverage.