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Table 1 Summary of inclusion criteria for the studied RT locations with clinically oriented dose prescription and planning objectives for the PTV

From: The impact of flattening-filter-free beam technology on 3D conformal RT

Tumor site Study criteria Prescription [Gy] Dose/fx [Gy] PTV constraints n Comments
Breast Whole Breast, without supraclavicular LN 50.0 2.0 V95%>90%, D2%<107% 13  
Lung Mediastinum ± hilus, without supraclavicular LN 50.0 2.0 V95%>95%, D2%<107% 7  
Neurocranium Whole brain 30.0 3.0 V95%>99%, D2%<107% 11  
Bone Metastasis Spine locations with max. 4 vertebrae 37.5 2.5 V95%>99%, D2%<107% 10 C=3, TH=5, L=2
Prostate Prostatic bed/ prostate 66.0(Prostatic bed) 2.0 V95%>99%, D2%<107% 11  
  1. Vx volume percentage receiving at least x % of the prescribed dose, Dx % dose received by at least x % of the volume, Abbreviations: n number of patients, LN lymph nodes, C cervical vertebra, TH thoracic vertebra, L lumbar vertebra.