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Table 1 Planning and treatment parameters

From: Multi-institutional comparison of treatment planning using stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma – benchmark for a prospective multi-institutional study

  A B C D
TPS XiO iPlan iPlan Pinnacle
Calculation algorithm SuperPosition Pencil Beam XVMC CCCS
Prescription dose ChildA: 40Gy/5fr 44Gy/4fr Peripheral: 48Gy/4fr Peripheral: 48Gy/4fr
  ChildB: 35Gy/5fr   PeriGI:60Gy/8fr Cenrtral:60Gy/8fr
Prescription point 70% isodose Isocenter Isocenter Isocenter
Beam arrangement Dynamic conformal arc Dynamic conformal arc Static Static
  Non-coplanar, 8 arcs Coplanar, 2 arcs Non-coplanar, 6–8 beams Non-coplanar, 6-8 arcs
Respiratory movement Confined free-breathing(<1cm) Confined free-breathing Confined free-breathing Gated by Abches® or RPM
  Under abdominal compression Under abdominal compression Under abdominal compression  
Target definition CT Fusion of LSTCT + dynamic CT Fusion of 4 times breathing CT Fusion of 4DCT + breath-hold CT Breath-hold CT
Planning CT LSTCT LSTCT AveIP from 4DCT Breath-hold CT
ITV GTV + 2-6mm Fusion of 4 times breathing CT Directly visualized by LSTCT ITV = GTV
PTV ITV + 2mm ITV + CC10mm, AP, LR8mm ITV + 5mm ITV + CC8mm, AP, LR5mm
Dose constraints
Liver V20(include PTV) < 20% V<16 > 700 cc V20 < 25% V<15 > 700 cc V2025%
Spinal cord Dmax < 25Gy, D1cc < 20Gy Dmax < 25Gy/4fr Dmax < 25Gy/4fr Dmax < 25Gy/4fr
GI tract Dmax < 25Gy, D1cc < 20Gy D10cc < 35Gy/4fr D1cc < 40Gy/4fr, D10cc < 35Gy/4fr D1cc < 30Gy/4fr, D10cc < 24Gy/4fr
Kidney - V20 < 30% V20 < 30% D1/3 < 20Gy/4fr
Heart - - - D1/3 < 28Gy/4fr
Gallbladder - - - D1/3 < 40Gy/4fr
  1. Abbreviations: TPS, treatment planning system; XVMC, X-ray voxel Monte Carlo algorithm; CCCS, collapsed cone convolution superposition; periGI, perigastrointestinal; RPM, The Varian® Real-time Position Management™ system; GI, gastrointestinal; LSTCT, long scan time computed tomography; 4DCT, 4-dimensional computed tomography; AveIP, average intensity projection; GTV, gross tumor volume; PTV, planning target volume; ITV, internal target volume; CC, cranial and caudal; LRA, left, right and anterior; P, posterior; LR, left and right; AP, anterior and posterior.