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Table 4 Correlation between %Tail DNA and variance

From: Factors influencing heterogeneity of radiation-induced DNA-damage measured by the alkaline comet assay

Factor Changes of amount of
  %Tail DNA Variance
Single irradiation vs. no irradiation
Single irradiation and repair
Double irradiation vs. no irradiation
Double irradiation and repair
Double vs. single irradiation (+/- repair) No change
Loss of antioxidants and chromatin ↑↑ ↑↑
Addition of antioxidants
  1. Positive correlation of %Tail DNA and variance according to measurements of Table 2 and 3 were indicated by arrows. The only measurements with no change in damage but increase in heterogeneity were comparisons of single vs. double fractionated irradiation. Therefore, this parameter could potentially work as a differentiator of radiation sensitivity.
  2. Abbreviations: ↑↑= very strong increase, ↑=increase, ↓=decrease.