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Table 1 Significant upregulation of pathways involved in cell proliferation, metabolism and breast cancer

From: Exposure to ionizing radiation induced persistent gene expression changes in mouse mammary gland

Ingenuity Canonical Pathways -log(p-value) Molecules
Oxidative phosphorylation 4.16 ATP6V0E2, NDUFC1, COX6B1, NDUFS8, COX10, COX5A, NDUFS6, NDUFA12, COX7A1, ATP5G3
Mitochondrial dysfunction 4.06 COX6B1, NDUFS8, COX10, CPT1B, COX5A, TRAK1, NDUFS6, NDUFA12, MAPK12, COX7A1
Breast cancer regulation by Stathmin1 3.81 PPP1R14C, PIK3C2B, E2F6, ADCY2, PRKCQ, CAMK2A, TUBA8, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, TUBA4A, PPP1R3A, TUBA3C/TUBA3D
ERK/MAPK signaling 2.81 PLA2G4E, PPP1R14C, PIK3C2B, TLN2, PLA2G12A, HSPB2, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, PLCG1, PPP1R3A
Cardiac β-adrenergic signaling 2.56 PPP1R14C, ADCY2, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, PDE4A, AKAP6, PPP1R3A, PDE4D
Glycolysis/gluconeogenesis 2.47 PGK1, PGM1, ALDOA, TPI1, Gapdh (includes others), LDHB
Inositol metabolism 2.46 ALDOA, TPI1
Ubiquinone biosynthesis 2.46 NDUFC1, NDUFS8, UFSP1, NDUFS6, NDUFA12
14-3-3-mediated signaling 2.44 PIK3C2B, PRKCQ, TUBA8, TUBA4A, PLCG1, TUBA3C/TUBA3D, MAPK12
Aldosterone signaling in epithelial cells 2.16 PIK3C2B, SACS, PRKCQ, HSPA1L, DNAJC27, HSPB2, PLCG1, DNAJB5
Production of nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in macrophages 2.14 PPP1R14C, PIK3C2B, PRKCQ, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, PLCG1, PPP1R3A, MAPK12
Fc epsilon RI signaling 2.03 PLA2G4E, PIK3C2B, PRKCQ, PLA2G12A, PLCG1, MAPK12
Endothelin-1 signaling 2.03 PLA2G4E, PIK3C2B, ADCY2, PRKCQ, PLA2G12A, GNAO1, PLCG1, MAPK12
Dopamine receptor signaling 1.96 PPP1R14C, ADCY2, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, PPP1R3A
CCR3 signaling in eosinophils 1.83 PLA2G4E, PIK3C2B, PRKCQ, PLA2G12A, CFL2, MAPK12
Type II diabetes mellitus signaling 1.81 PIK3C2B, RKCQ, PRKAB2, MAPK12, ADIPOR1, KCNJ11
Thrombopoietin signaling 1.75 PIK3C2B, THPO, PRKCQ, PLCG1
CTLA4 signaling in cytotoxic T lymphocytes 1.73 PIK3C2B, AP1S2, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, PLCG1
CDK5 signaling 1.71 PPP1R14C, ADCY2, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, PPP1R3A
TR/RXR activation 1.69 PIK3C2B, RXRG, SLC16A3, UCP1, PPARGC1A
Protein kinase A signaling 1.68 PPP1R14C, ADCY2, PRKCQ, CAMK2A, HIST1H1A, PDE4A, PLCG1, AKAP6, PPP1R3A, TTN, PDE4D
Synaptic long term depression 1.65 PLA2G4E, PRKCQ, PLA2G12A, PPM1L, GNAO1, PPP2R5B
Role of MAPK signaling in the pathogenesis of influenza 1.62 PLA2G4E, PLA2G12A, MAPK12, RABGEF1
Cell cycle regulation by BTG family proteins 1.58 E2F6, PPM1L, PPP2R5B
MIF regulation of innate immunity 1.52 PLA2G4E, PLA2G12A, MAPK12
glioma signaling 1.52 PIK3C2B, E2F6, PRKCQ, CAMK2A, PLCG1
Phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan biosynthesis 1.50 GOT1, GOT2
AMPK signaling 1.48 PIK3C2B, PRKAB2, CPT1B, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, MAPK12
Melatonin signaling 1.46 PRKCQ, CAMK2A, GNAO1, PLCG1
Macropinocytosis signaling 1.44 PIK3C2B, PRKCQ, PLCG1, ITGB6
Cysteine metabolism 1.43 GOT1, GOT2, LDHB
ILK signaling 1.40 PIK3C2B, CFL2, PPM1L, PPP2R5B, MAPK12, ITGB6, MYH1
Protein ubiquitination pathway 1.38 SACS, USP15, HSPA1L, USP13, UBE2B, DNAJC27, HSPB2, USP2, DNAJB5
Corticotropin releasing hormone Signaling 1.32 ADCY2, PRKCQ, GNAO1, PLCG1, MAPK12
HER-2 signaling in breast cancer 1.30 PIK3C2B, PRKCQ, PLCG1, ITGB6