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Figure 10

From: Current status of boron neutron capture therapy of high grade gliomas and recurrent head and neck cancer

Figure 10

Kaplan-Meier survival plots of patients with recurrent HNC treated by Kato et al. (6) with BNCT (26 cases, red line) and those who treated with other than BNCT (16 cases, blue line). The outcomes for the 26 patients: Mean survival time: 33.6 months, 4-year Overall survival (OS): 37.0%, 6-year OS: 31.7%. Most of the 26 patients had either recurrent or far advanced cancers of the head and neck region and 15 (58%) had regional lymph node metastases and 6 had developed distant metastases. Nineteen of the patients had squamous cell carcinomas, 4 salivary gland carcinomas and 3 had sarcomas. All but one had received standard therapy and developed recurrent tumors for which there were no other treatment options.

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