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Table 2 Description of acute skin toxicity in the population of study, stratified for each grade, according to RTOG scale and clinical results

From: Phase I-II study of hypofractionated simultaneous integrated boost using volumetric modulated arc therapy for adjuvant radiation therapy in breast cancer patients: a report of feasibility and early toxicity results in the first 50 treatments

Grade Skin toxicity description Number of cases % of cases
Grade 0 No change over baseline 20/50 40%
Grade 1 Follicular, faint or dull erythema/ epilation/dry desquamation/ decreased sweating 32/50 64%
Grade 2 Tender or bright erythema, patchy moist desquamation/ moderate edema 0/50 0%
Grade 3 Confluent, moist desquamatiom other than skin folds, pitting edema 1/50 2%
Grade 4 Ulceration, hemorrhage, necrosis 0/50 0%