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Table 6 Characteristics of patients who were died due to treatment toxicity

From: Recurrence patterns of locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma after 3D conformal (chemo)-radiotherapy

Pat. no. Age Diagnosis Stage Treatment type Given XRT dose (Gy/fr) Smoking/Alcohol Cause of death Comorbidities
1 69 Hypopharynx III XRT 30.25/11fr Heavy/heavy Aspiration Pneumonia, MRSA COPD, 1994 Lung Ca. lobectomy
2 57 Oropharynx IVB Induct chemox3+XRT 35.75/13fr Ex/Heavy Aspiration Pneumonia AF, DM
3 65 Larynx
III XRT 55/20fr Ex/Heavy Aspiration Pneumonia, MRSA COPD, Asthma, old tuberculosis
4 64 Hypopharynx IVB Induct Chemox3+XRT 46/23fr Heavy/heavy Aspiration Pneumonia -
5 84 Larynx
IVB XRT 55/20fr Social Aspiration Pneumonia Cardiac problems
6 61 Oropharynx IVA Concomitant chemoXRT 55/20fr Heavy/heavy Neutropenia, emergency admission refuse NG -
  1. *NG tube feeding was inserted to patients' number 1-4, when the complication was seen. None of the patients had prophylactic PEG or NG. Abbrevations: Chemo: chemotherapy; XRT: radiotherapy; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; MRSA: methicilline resistant staph aerous