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Table 6 ASTRO and GEC-ESTRO suitable patient recommendation selections for APBI outside of clinical trials

From: Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI): A review of available techniques

  Suitable group by ASTRO [138] Low Risk group by GEC-ESTRO [137]
Factors Criterion Criterion
Age > 60 y > 50
BRCA 1, 2 Mutation Not present na
Tumor Size < 2 cm < 3 cm
T stage T1 T1-2
Margins Negative by at least 2 mm Negative by at least 2 mm
Grade any any
LVSI Not allowed Not allowed
ER status positive any
Multicentricity unicentric unicentric
Multifocality Unifocal with total size of < 2 cm unifocal
Histology IDC, mucinous, tubular and colloid IDC, mucinous, medullary, colloid
DCIS Not allowed Not allowed
EIC Not allowed Not allowed
Associated LCIS Allowed Allowed
Nodal status pN0 (by SN Bx or ALND pN0 (by SLNB or ALND)
Neoadjuvant Therapy Not allowed Not allowed
  1. APBI = accelerated partial breast irradiation, IDC = invasive ductal carcinoma, ILC = invasive lobular carcinoma, LCIS = lobular carcinoma in situ; DCIS = ductal carcinoma in situ; EIC = extensive intraductal component; LVI = lympho-vascular invasion; ER = estrogen receptor; SLNB = sentinel lymph node biopsy; ALND = axillary lymph node dissection