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Table 2 TCP-increase for high sensitivity of choline PET, low whole prostate dose, low γ50(CN + 2 definition) and Fowler's α/β

From: Choline PET based dose-painting in prostate cancer - Modelling of dose effects

α [Gy-1] α/β [Gy] γ50 Det. rate PET [%] Dose [Gy] SIB [Gy] Single dose [Gy] TCPconv [%] TCP Increase [%]
0.04 1.5 1.4 81 74 90 2 96.0 2.9
  1. Calculation of the TCP-increase after boosting choline PET positive regions within the prostate up to 90 Gy. α/β is estimated from Fowler's data and γ50 from Cheung's data (CN + 2 definition). For choline PET a high sensitivity was used.