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Figure 1

From: Potentials of on-line repositioning based on implanted fiducial markers and electronic portal imaging in prostate cancer radiotherapy

Figure 1

Reference image (simulator film, left) and online image (port film, in the mid) are registered by the method shown on the right image. A template containing isocenter, bony contours and radio-opaque markers is traced from the simulator radiograph and positioned on the portal image with isocenters and main axes in coincidence. The isocenter is shifted until the bony contours (setup error) or the implanted markers are in agreement (total error). For the motion error we determine the shift from the setup corrected position to the marker corrected position. The correction method is two-dimensional and performed separately for each projection (0° and 90°). Redundant measurements (in SI direction) are in good correlation (see text).

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