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Table 1 Analysis of prostate intrafraction motion

From: Intrafraction motion of the prostate during an IMRT session: a fiducial-based 3D measurement with Cone-beam CT

n = 39   ΔTranslation (mm)
Overall motion Median vector length 3
  M 3
  Σ 0.9
  σ 1.7
Motion of bony anatomy Median vector length 1.8
  M 2.9
  Σ 1
  σ 3.2
Soft tissue motion (relative to pelvic bones) Median vector length 1.9
  M 3
  Σ 1.3
  σ 2.6
  1. M: group systematic error, Σ: standard deviation of the systematic error; σ: standard deviation of the random error.