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Table 3 Symptoms related to brain metastases in nine patients with KPS score < 70 pre-treatment and 4 weeks after treatment

From: Retrospective study of hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy combined with whole brain radiotherapy for patients with brain metastases

Patient Pre-treatment Four weeks after treatment
Main symptoms KPS score Symptoms KPS score
1 Muscle weakness right-sided and dizziness 30 Relief of muscle weakness and dizziness 60
2 Left eye hemianopsia and Headaches 40 No change in visual acuity; relief of headaches 40
3 Symptomatic epilepsy 40 Relief of seizure 60
4 Facial spasm, glossolalia, and dizziness 50 Relief of glossolalia and dizziness 60
5 Dizziness and blurred vision 50 Relief of dizziness 60
6 Muscle weakness in the lower limb 60 Roughly as before 60
7 Numbness of the lower limb 60 Relief of numbness 70
8 Numbness of the right limb and nausea 60 Roughly as before 60
9 Dizziness and unsteady gait 60 Relief of dizziness and unsteady gait 70